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Fake Amazon scam sites covering 80% WhatsApp Messages

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Nowadays, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps in the whole world, including India. Uniquely 90% of the Indians have got WhatsApp installed in their smartphone devices and likewise 60% use it on a daily basis. Correspondingly, this huge number has attracted attackers and scammers to dupe people over this messaging platform.

Most of the general users, fall prey to these scams. I noticed, this message is widely shared over WhatsApp groups and people are getting duped on a daily basis.

It looks something like this:
Whatsapp message with fake amazon link
These type of messages are the real traps!

Generally, these attackers use an e-commerce website that is widely used by public, in order to lure them into trap. In this case Amazon is used to target users.

This fake amazon website shows a list of various products at prices which are unbelievable. This is how they target large audience. People easily fall for it and proceed on the next step to complete the order.

Look at the sample screenshot, of how the rate list looks like:
Fake rate list of various products
Type of rate list they portray!

In the next step, after you fill up your details, it asks you to share the website link on various groups. This is how they target a large audience. You are the guys who indirectly help these attackers to perform this nefarious task! But this post is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Be aware if you encounter with such links!
Spreading of the fake link
The real bait !

After you are done with what it’s asking you to do, most probably it’ll ask for your debit/credit card details or any other mode of payment. Once it’s done, your money would be gone.

To summarize, I would say, get aware of the things in the online world. Otherwise, you might be the next target. In this case it was Amazon, they might use any other e-commerce website’s fake page to target you. You can refer to our previous posts in Security section to get a keen knowledge about various spams going around. I’ll keep coming up with various spams these attackers are using, in order to make you guys aware of it. Till then, Good Bye!

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