All you need to know about ISRO’s Gaganyaan Mission

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The Indian Space Research Organization is preparing for a human space flight mission named “Gaganyaan” by 2022

The Prime Minister of India Sh.Narendra Modi on the occasion of country’s 75th Independence day, announced India’s first human space mission Gaganyaan to be launched by 2022. Also, the Union Cabinet of India on December 28, 2018 has given the approval to Gaganyaan programme. It will be ISRO’s first ever human spaceflight mission. After this mission India will be marked as the fourth nation after US, Russia and China to send humans into the space.

In 2014, ISRO tested a Crew Module Atmospheric Re-entry Experiment(CARE), in which ISRO launched a space capsule weighing 3,745 kg into the space with GSLV Mk-lll and safely recovered the vessel from Bay of Bengal. Though, the capsule was a prototype of the original module which will carry the crew.

The project Gaganyaan will cost Rs.100 Billion (USD 1.5 Bn) and will use the GSLV(Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle) Mk-lll rocket to carry the crew. As per the mission, 3 Vyomanauts(Astronauts) will be sent into the space for 7 days in tha GSAL Mk-lll rocket. So, after remaining at a height of 300-400 km above the surface of the Earth for 7 days, the capsule carrying 3 vyomanauts will land into the Arabian sea or Bay of Bengal.

Also, ISRO will conduct two unmanned test flights before the actual mission.
By December 2020, ISRO will launch the first test flight and the second test flight by July 2021. But did u know that this won’t be first time for an Indian to visit space?

In 1984, Rakesh Sharma, an officer of the Indian Air force became first Indian who went into the space. He went on a Soviet spacecraft named Soyuz T11. That spacecraft carried him and the other cosmonauts to a space station named Salyut 7.

Therefore, with the Gagnyaan mission, ISRO will gain new heights where only three of the space agencies have reached yet. And hopefully, it will make the county proud again.

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