AI influence in Hollywood

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We are not talking about the Spielberg masterpiece here but rather how Hollywood is getting along with the developments in A.I.

In 2016, the trailer for Morgan dropped into Youtube and it was incredibly scary. But what many might not know is that Fox Studio was asking for IBM’s Watson to make the trailer. The trailer was made by a supercomputer based on a large amount of horror movies that was fed into it. To determine what specific part of the movie was filled with the right amount of tension and suspense. However, the movie might have failed to live up to the trailer but the mere idea that a computer could produce such thrilling trailer is mind-blowing.

Benjamin the AI

Also, another similar development that was observed that year was Benjamin. An A.I. agent programmed by Ross Goodwin that wrote an entire script without any human intervention. It was fed with movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Trek, Terminator, The Adjustment Bureau, Alien 3, 2012, Tron, Existenz, Wall-E, just to name a few. And the result was a bizarre short film which was Sunspring starring Thomas Middleditch.

Moreover, the entire short film plays out like one of those Black Mirror episodes you don’t completely understand. And yet it somehow gives you a hint of what it actually wanted to talk about. A sequel to this movie was released the next year, with screenplay by the same A.I. i.e. Benjamin.

Future of AI in cinema

Now, imagine a scene from a Christopher Nolan movie with an elevating background score composed by Han Zimmer. AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist) Technologies one of the leading startups in AI music composition has already released its first album called Genesis. And thus has secured its identity as the first ever AI to to acquire the worldwide status of Composer. The musical pieces are being used as soundtracks for films and games now.

Even though these developments are mind-blowing, the mere idea that what we once considered to be fiction is now itself able to develop its own fiction is bone-chilling.

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