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IIT Kharagpur would be launching 6 month courses in Artificial Intelligence

Ever since NITI Aayog came up with a plan for for the development in the fields of Artificial Intelligence in India, major institutes have taken it upon them to make the necessary tools and platform available to the students to prepare them for the jobs at this field. An estimate of 2 lakh jobs have been expected in this field by 2020.

IIT Kharagpur launched the Centre for Artificial Intelligence earlier this year and with that they have decided to help students hone the required skills in this field. Division of the entire course would be into 16 modules wherein each module will be of 12-hour duration. The selection would be amongst working professionals and senior students.

The implementation of AI will be able to help reach an early economical and social growth. Following are a few of he fields where AI might be implemented


The increasing population in the major cities has led to improper housing. The major bodies of the government have been repeatedly trying to make an improvement in these conditions and have been under pressure for that. AI could bring a great change in that and bring in its huge dataset and help in figuring majority of these problems out and help in building proper infrastructure and bring proper maintenance to them.


With the increase in population the number of cars in the streets have also increased thus further increasing the number accidents. Also, use of AI can bring a proper methodology for reducing this issue and also help in proper planning and management of the vehicles on the road.


Healthcare facilities are yet to reach all the corners of the country. AI models can be used to fasten this procedure and also make it more accessible and affordable to the people. AI algorithms can also be developed to detect major diseases like cancer and thus ease the process of detection and help in providing early treatment.


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