5 Useful Google Assistant Tricks(2019)

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Google Assistant is the best voice assistant available right now.

There are many assistant available out there like Siri, Bixby, Cortana, Amazon echo Dot but Google Assistant is ruling the world of voice assistant, anyone can access Google Assistant by using the command “Ok Google”. Most of the users don’t use it even at it’s 70% potential because most of us are familiar with normal works like open apps, games, play music, translate but google assistant can do much more. Here are some tips so you can explore more features of google assistant.

1. Create And Access Reminders

Google Assistant can remember your reminder and it’ll notify you when time comes. It can also help if you have a long shopping list assistant will remember it for you. For example try saying, “Ok Google, Set Reminder for meeting at 4 P.M.”

2. Unlock Phone With Your Voice

Google Assistant also enables you to unlock your phone with your voice. To set up phone unlock with your voice, open the settings apps and search for smart lock or you can command assistant to directly open voice settings. Now you can see the option of “Unlock with Voice Match” turn it on. Here the problem is this feature is not as secure as fingerprint or biometric authentication.

3. Get Summary Of Whole Day

It is one of the best feature of google assistant, it’ll not only provide you useful information such as weather and traffic news but it also gives you daily news. All you need to do is say “Ok Google, Good Morning” and it will show all the relevant information to you. User can also sync calendar with google Assistant.

4. Identify the Song

One of the most useful feature of google assistant is it can identify the song. To identify the song just say “Ok Google, Identify the Song” and it will identify the song within a few seconds. It will also provide you direct option to add that song into your playlist.

Note- This feature works only when you have access to the Internet.

5. Select The Best Google Assistant Voice

Google Assistant comes up with a female voice in American Accent, but Google Assistant does provide freedom to the user to choose best voice according to his/her perspective. You can change Google Assistant voice by simply command assistant to open assistant voice and you can select the best one.

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