5 Best iPhone Tips and Tricks(2019)

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First- most of the people search and surf on web and they scroll down simultaneously. But if you want to go back on top of the page with single tap, then you will have to touch Time showing on top of iPhone status-bar and you can touch top of status-bar of iPhone anywhere.

Second Keyboard Shortcut –

If you are typing with your built in iPhone keyboard and want to correct something in the middle of a word or sentence, then you can take help of your keyboard cursor (press and hold space-bar and move your cursor wherever you want).

Third Important For Privacy –

If your friend wants your iPhone for calling or any other purpose and you don’t want your friend to see your contacts and other information. Then you can hand over your iPhone to your friend with guided access. In guided access you can choose which part of display will work or not.

For guided access you will have to go to Settings->General->accessibility and the last second option is the guided access.

You will have to turn on guided access in any app with “open any application” and press home button thrice. So, guided access will activate then you will have to press home button thrice again to edit and select which part of your app screen will work or not.

 Here’s a video on how it works?

First of all, you will need to open any app, here we are opening Phone app.

After opening the Phone app, press home button thrice to activate guided access.

After the activation, again press home button thrice to edit your Phone app screen which you do not want to work and have to set pass-code. After all this, touch resume and no one will be able to touch your edited display without permission. We are giving you a video for example. If you want to end guided access, then press home button thrice and fill your pass-code to end it.


One is for those who read in safari browser but face difficulties to understand few words.

 For this, go to Settings->General->dictionary

And choose which dictionary you want and how it will work on safari or any other web browser?

Open your text content and select a word by pressing and holding on a word to get meaning of that word and tap (look Up).

Now your dictionary will open and you can easily find meaning of your word.


The last one is very useful for every iOS user,

Most of the time you will notice, this window displays when someone tries calling you.

This calling window shows up when your iPhone is locked and someone’s trying to call you. There is no option to decline or cancel that call. Then how to decline and cancel call? answer is very simple and easy.

Press lock button twice and your call will decline.

These hidden and simple tips and tricks may help you in your daily life.

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