5 Best text editors for programming(2019)

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Hello! If you’re reading this article, you are probably a programmer. A programmer always needs an IDE (Integrated development environment). Here are some handpicked selection of IDEs with great features by us.  

VS Code (Open Source and Cross Platform)  

This is the best text editor in our list.  

If you did work with more than one programming languages, you are definitely going to love this text editor. It comes with ultimate support of plugins, it’s easy as you like the language, you just need to install the plugin. And the plugin will guide you with so many parameters like the prediction of code, highlighting the different keywords with different colors, it smartly manages the code.  

This Text editor also comes with a built-in output panel, so if you want to compile and run the code, you don’t need to change the window for CMD. The results will be displayed in the same window. 


NetBeans is an IDE which is mostly used by Java Developers

This IDE comes with complete environment for developers. Features like RUN and DEBUG code are already available here for the users. 

When you compile the code, it just shows you the result, means it doesn’t show the .class file to the user because that is already done by the IDE. 

Sublime text (Open Source and Cross Platform)  

Sublime text is a very lightweight application in terms of installer size 🙂. Theme customization is awesome in this text editor, some developers loves dark themes, or any other color themes for their work environment and this is the perfect destination for them. And yeah! You can run this for almost every language.  

PHP storm  

If you love to code for web development. This IDE is the best choice for you, it comes with built-in LIVE EDIT feature to edit web pages in real time. Just because it’s a developement enviroment, so the application is a bit heavy than another editor in the market. 

It also comes with prediction snippet for fast and great web development. 

Also, it comes with a 30 days free trial version.

Brackets (Open Source and Cross Platform) 

If you love web development then you are gonna love this editor because it’s the best light weight alternative for the PHP storm. Live preview enables editor to help developer’s work flow.

It comes with a large number of themes and plugins. 

So do customize your text editor and happy coding!😄. 


  • If you want a smart editor then VS Code will be the best option. 
  • VS Code is almost for every developer, doesn’t matter if you are a java developer, web developer, desktop application developer, mobile developer. 
  • It’s like all-in-one text editor with complete customization. 
  • Do comment down your favorite IDE.  
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