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There are various means by which you can share information and ideas with others let it be social websites like twitter, messaging apps like whatsapp or video sharing apps like Tiktok. However, when you specifically want to communicate your thoughts, suggestions and ideas all over the web efficiently, there is nothing better than blogging. This is the reason why most people nowadays run a blog. There are many blogging platforms available among which the Yahoo owned Tumblr is said to be better than the others. It has a dashboard using which the users can post pics, audio, texts etc easily. It seems that Tumblr is the leading blogging platform for now, but as they you’re not alone in a race. Tumblr also has some competitors which users all over the world have accepted and started using them. So if you’re a blogger and you want to try something new, here are some best alternatives of Tumblr.


When it comes to blogging sites how can one not talk about WordPress. Just like Tumblr, WordPress is also one of the most popular blogging sites you should consider. It has a great collection of themes and because of this, WordPress is extremely customizable. It also uses some plugins which enhance its functionality.

It includes features like multi-user support, social network integration, SEO , custom tags and categories, strong administration features, fully scalable with robust support..

It is best suited for those people who want to start writing their first blog. It also supports monetization.

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It is one of the easiest blogging platforms owned by the tech giant Google. It has a super simple web based post editor and the user can have 100 posts per account. Using blogger you can also view detailed stats such as monthly page views, traffic sources etc for your blog. It also has Google’s adsense integration as well for easy monetization. It has all the basic blog features as well such as multi user support, posting via email, comments etc. It has a beautiful UI also. Earlier it had a terrible UI which has finally been updated. The only downside of Blogger is that you can’t host your blog on a web server.

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It is a result of a successful kick-starter funding campaign. Ghost is an open source blogging platform. It is based on the NODE.JS run time environment because of which it is extremely fast and responsive.

Just like wordpress, it is also available in two variants, a web server hosted package starting from 19$ a month or a self hosted one from 5-!0 $ per month. It is in active development with features like third party apps, post analytics and developer tools in the pipeline. It has a fast responsive and powerful dashboard.

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It was founded by the ex-chairman and CEO of Twitter. It took less than 4 years to rise to fame. What makes it different than the other blogging services is that it focuses more on factors like content quality and how stories that are published are connected with the readers. It also has support for custom domains. Some of the features include- keyboard shortcuts, sharing the links, visibility etc.

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So these were some of the alternative blogging services that you can try out. So try them and let us know what you think of them.

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